Mary Louise Vail in 1996

The Vail wing at Cleveland's Metropolitan General Hospital
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My father arrived in Cleveland after his bond trading firm transferred him from New York City.

Biographical record of the alumni of Amherst College

General alumni catalogue of New York University




Printer's Ink, 1930. My father joined the Union Trust

My Mother and my sister Caroline in Cleveland

With my brother in law, Ed Oberndorf, at the
Cleveland Skating Club
Caroline's sons Rob and Charlie
My mother lived in an apartment in this building
near Shaker Square in Cleveland.
My mother's family was from Chandlerville, Illinois. Here I am, standing at the entrance to the town in the late 90's.

Dr. Chandler's home.

Dr. Chandler's monument in Chandlerville

The Chandlers came to Cleveland and entered the printing press business, which lasted into the 1970's, nearly 100 years after its founding in 1886.

My Great Great Grandfather on the Frackelton side. 
The Frackeltons purchased an interest in the hometown Telephone Company 
And they eventually accumulated a significant interest in the company.  
My grandfather remarried long after the death of my maternal grandmother. He remarried to the daughter of the US Consul in Hamburg and was of the Pitcairn family and distantly related to the Pitcairn after whom the desolate island in the Pacific was named in the aftermath of the Mutiny on the Bounty.

My Mother, Mary Louise Frackelton, was born in Jacksonville, IL., where my grandfather operated the local bank. She passed away in 1997 at age 94.
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Following the death of my father, the Lakeview Cemetery Association published a booklet which highlighted the achievements of the prior quarter-century. This page is testimony to his vision.