Ecuador 1964 - 1970
David Gleason in Ecuador: Building Radio Musical Canal Tropical Núcleo Radión
and... Teleonda, Ecuador's first FM station.

In 1964, in a further attempt to finish my next-to-last year of High School, I found an opportunity to study in Guayaquil, Ecuador, with assitance from Herbert Evans, the head Peoples Broadcasting (Nationwide)

Unfortunately, when I arrived, there had just been a revolution to depose the sitting president, Carlos Julio Arosemena Monroy. Schools in Guayaquil were unable to overcome a disrupted bureaucracy and admit a new student, especially one without the necessary "normal" prerequisites in Ecuadorian history and such.

Ecuador lies  ont the Equator in Northwestern
South America. In 1965, the population  was just under 4.75 million.
My original destination of Guayaquil is on the Southwestern coast of Ecuador, slightly inland on the Guayas River. This is Ecuador's largest city, but it is hot and humid year-round. It has long been the economic force of the nation, with the main banks and industries.

Quito is in the central mountains, and, at 10,000 feet above sea level, cool and Spring-like all through the year. It is the capital, intellectual and diplomatic center of Ecuador.
In 1964, Guayaquil had about 1.2 million residents, while Quito was a city of about 900,000.

Quito. Circle indicates first location of Radio Musical and arrow shows Nucleo Radion location
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Arrival in Ecuador
High Scool
Operating my first
station in Quito
Radio Musical
Building my first
station: 570 AM
Adding more stations and building a station group

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