Miami 1980 - WHTT


Pueblo International had planned to expend into radio in the US; options were signed for WWOK and WJOK in Miami for $3.2 million and for WTFM in New York for $8.7 million. Severe problems at the supermarkets prevented exercising these options. One of the stations to be purchased by Pueblo went instead to Metroplex; Norm Wain offered the manager's position in this far more lucrative market.

Radio Hit

In mid-1990, I moved to Miami and helped build the cities newest music and news based radio station. With a "godfather" like Y-100, success seemed insured.

Among the promotional devices used was the regular "Hit Sheet."


The new station got considerable press. However, after about 9 months of broadcasting and considerable initial ratings success, the transmitter site was firebombed. The police suspected country music fans who were upset about the increasing Hispanic presence in Miami. The station was on less than 100 watts power for many months, and owners lost interest.

A personal computer in 1980.

While the other managers took weeks to do budgets, the use of Visicalc (on a PROM Chip) allowed me to do the WHTT budget in just a few days... for the price of $4279.
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This was a typical Apple II with two floppy disc drives.


The prestigious Board of Announcers of Cuba (in Exile) awarded this certificate at its annual gala diner in 1980
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