1995: KTNQ & KLVE Los Angeles
Heftel Broadcasting 
Hispanic Broadcasting '97  In 1995, I was asked by friend and programmer Bill Tanner to join Heftel Broadcasting in LA to program KTNQ and assist with KLVE.  

The "grupera" format done during much of the 1995 was horribly unsuccessful. However, a late evening show that interspersed relationship and sex talk with romantic music got top-5 shares. 

We added phone call-ins to the mid-day show and found the same results. By 1996, the station was 100% talk, all live and all locally originated.
  Much of the story of KTNQ's success as a talk station is part of the photo tour of the station you can open by clicking the "Radio que Habla" icon to the left.
  Similarly, the 2001 move of the facilities to Glendale from Hollywood can be seen by clicking the Recuerdo logo.

By Spring of 1996 KTNQ moved up to the top AM position and third among Spanish language stations.

At this point, the weekends and overnights were converted to talk.

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  Summer saw the biggest increase in ratings, with KTNQ moving from a 1.8 to a 2.8. In 25-54, the station was tied with Regional Mexican KLAX at 6th, just 0.1 away from English language talk giant KFI's 3.7.

  In Spring of 1997, R&R reported KTNQ again close to KFI and well ahead of three other LA talk stations.  
  KTNQ and KLVE were very promotion minded, as these pictures from a sales promotion piece show.

The scenes include the Feria de la Mujer as well as the May 5th and September 16th celebration concerts. At the lower right is KTNQ's very famous Humberto Luna along with an even more famous guy in red!  
  Heftel Broadcasting merged with Tichenor Media System. For the first year, the name remained "Heftel" and then was changed to Hispanic Broadcasting Company managed by the TMS group based in Dallas.  
  An interesting profile of Tichenor Media System was published prior to the merger in 1996.

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  I was on a panel at the 1997 Talk Radio convention. The unusual existence of a talk station with no syndicated content made KTNQ an interesting subject.  
  In late 1997, Talkers magazine covered the KTNQ story. This article also mentions my growing involvement with other company stations such as WIND and WADO.

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  KLVE was a team effort with Heftel programmer Bill Tanner and PD Pio Ferro. I was fortunate to be involved with the team in a number of areas.  
  Even R&R noticed KTNQ, as evidenced by this article from August of 1997.
  The continued success of KTNQ was recognized by Radio Ink with a Major Market Program Director award in 1998

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