El Salvador 1963
In mid-1963 I visited San Salvador and Sonsonate.

YSU Radio and Television in San Salvador. 1050 AM.

YSU television transmitter on the rim of an inactive volcano

YSU television tower and antenna on the rim of the volcano.

YSAX Radio Católica en San Salvador, 800 AM

New YSAX transmitter on its shipping pallet and station banner.

YSKL, one of the country's major networks (the others were Circuito YSR and YSEB).
This station was founded by Manuel Flores in 1955.

YSEB, another national network. 580 AM. This was one of the few cases in Latin America
of a network of independently owned affiliates, united as Sociedad Cadena Radial
Salvadoreña and composed of YSEB, YSDR, YSEM and YSDM.

YSEB Studio. Note the ID chime to the right of the announcer.

Radio El Mundo in the area called Mejicanos. Post in middle is actually the station antenna,
made of iron pipe.

Radio El Mundo Studio. P.A. amplifier is used as console and as high output audio driver
for transmitter. 

El Mundo Transmitter, featuring open air ventilation and a playpen fence
to keep the curious away from the open back of the unit.

El Mundo transmitter on 1140 AM.

There is no optical illusion. The top of the tower is twisted. I never asked how the tower was climbed
to change the aviation lighting.
YSCB 1175 AM, La Voz del Pacífico, in Sonsonate. This station was just 11 years old then
and operated by its founder, Felipe Ochoa Valenzuela.