Honduras 1963
I visited Honduras in mid-1963, and these are a few of the pictures I took there.

HRN La Voz de Honduras 670 AM
This is the oldest station in Honduras, and it later added a
number of AM repeaters to extend coverage.
Channel 5 and the radio studios of
Radio Televisión 715 Am and Radio Satélite 560 AM
Radio Televisión AM Transmitter
Radio Televisión Inverted "L" Antenna
Radio Centro 860 AM and Radio Variedades 1510 AM.
Radio Variedades was located in the structure built on the roof. 
To the right, the announce booth for Radio Centro.
Radio América 610 AM studios and offices. Radio América had a repeater in
San Pedro Sula, and later added many more low power rebroadcast transmitters.
Radio América master control.
Live entertainment on Radio América.
Radio América's commercial production studio.
Radio Morazán 775 AM. The station is entirely located in this building, which was in a ravine behind the Tegucigalpa soccer stadium. The station was owned by Poncio Pou Saleta, former Minister of Communications of Honduras.
Radio Morazán studio.