Station Tour
Glendale, California

In August of 2001 the Hispanic Broadcasting Company stations KLVE, KSCA, KRCD/KRCV and KTNQ moved from the historic corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street to a new 25 floor building in Glendale, about 8 miles to the northeast. Here are some views of the new facilities from that time.
HBC operated four program formats in Los Angles, KLVE at 107.5 FM, KSCA at 101.9 FM, KTNQ at 1020 AM and Recuerdo, a "simulcast" of two signals at 103.9 and 98.3 FM.
KTNQ had a talk format, La Nueva was Regional Mexican, KLVE programmed Adult Contemporary and Recuerdo was Classic Hits for a Mexican heritage audience.
The station logos.
Here is the elevator lobby, looking into the reception area. Then, if you were a visitor or had won a prize, you would go to the reception desk.
The view from the Recuerdo studio on the 25th Floor, and the building entrance below. The HBC facilities occupied all of the 25 and 24th floors. 24 is promotion and sales, while 25 is studios, production, engineering, accounting, management and the HBC research division, SIP.
One of the five production rooms where commercials, promos and paid programs are recorded. And here is Pepe Vega, who manages all infomercials.
Manny Sepúlveda, "Vitaminas", Santiago Nieto and Francisco Moreno did commercial production as well as station imaging, promos and IDs.
The XM Satellite offices with XM Operations Manager Ricardo Manzanares in his corner of the "Fishbowl" where all the formats were scheduled and produced. Ricardo now is co-host of the Recuerdo morning show with Jaime Alejandro.

In 1990, Hispanic Broadcasting and XM made an agreement for HBC to produce the programming for five Spanish language channels on the new satellite radio service. These channels were programmed from the LA studios via T1 line to XM in Washington, DC.

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Pop Rock Regional
    ..Tejano...   Soft Pop
and Ballads
Enrique Marroquin prepares the "Best Of" segments for the KSCA morning show. KSCA, La Nueva, with Marcela Lluevanos on the air.
KLVE studios with Luz María Briceño on the air. Luz María is now on KTNQ where she does a networked nutrition and health show. Omar Velasco, now mornings on KLVE, with Ricardo Manzanares, Recuerdo morning news reporter and Amalia González, Recuerdo PD.
Here is Recuerdo on the air with Gustavo Neri at the microphone playing the favorites of the 60's through "today." Adriana Navarro managed promotions for the station group. That job includes contests, events and fairs, van appearances, DJ remotes and outside advertising.
The AudioVault digital storage system gives easy access to commercials and music. Avis Turner in the Traffic Department where commercials are scheduled.
All the audio except the live announcer on the HBC stations comes from a digital "Audio Vault" storage system. This one, in the Recuerdo studio, shows the music and commercials that are scheduled to play. The announcers can also insert special effects and program elements to make their show more entertaining and varied.
Richard Santiago, KLVE news director, prepares his morning information in this studio, adjacent to the KLVE control room.  There was still a reel to reel tape that year Recuerdo program director Amalia González goes over the latest ratings with morning personality Jaime Piña.
Engineering staff member Michael Rey in the hallway. General Manager Ken Christenson in the "corner office."
Michael Rey shares a story with Richie Castillo, KSCA program director. Michael "X-rey" Rey in the shop.
The TOC or Technical Operations Center where audio is routed between studios and transmitters and all control gear is installed. One of the digital consoles in the new studio installations.
The technical area also includes the UPS for drop-out free broadcasting and the controls for the large emergency generator that can keep us running for days in an emergency.
Recuerdo PD Amalia Gonzalez with Continuity Manager Juan Francisco Aréchiga (Q.E.P.D.). The HBC internet operation, NetMio, with Manuel Villaseñor and David López
Continuity with Juan Francisco. This is where commercial copy and schedules are supervised. KSCA morning DJ "El Cucuy" with recording artist Paulina Rubio during an interview.